The Claim Game

TVNZ featured a new series on Monday night called `The Claim Game’. It seems like an interesting look at various types of Insurance Claims, what the process is to go through a claim, and how the claims get settled, a real life series.

Part of this Monday’s episode was about Karina making a claim for stolen Jewellery. It showed what the Investigator does to approve the claim and it showed Michael Emerson from the Jewellery Valuation Centre interviewing Karina and discussing her loss. It partly showed how thorough the insurance claim process is nowadays.

The sad message at the end was that Karina had $30,000 of Jewellery stolen, but was only going to get $15,000 due to under-insurance. This is a situation we face every day in claims work the Jewellery Valuation Centre does. It is a double tragedy when your precious jewellery is stolen, much of which is sentimental, then to find you can’t get the full amount from your Insurance.

Your best protesction is to get your jewellery valued, listed on your insurance and kept up to date.

You can view the jewellery claim segment (it starts a minute or so into this clip) by clicking here .