35,000 Carats Offered in Recycled Diamond Tender

White Pine Trading LLC, a company specialising in recycled diamonds, is holding the first ever industry-wide private diamond sales event in New York City. White Pine buys recycled, chipped, polished diamonds of all sizes and grades, either loose or in second-hand diamond jewellery. It re-polishes chipped, damaged or poorly-cut diamonds, which it then either uses in jewellery or offers for resale. Their upcoming invitation-only sale will feature more than 35,000 carats of recycled diamonds of various sizes, shapes and qualities.

Recycled DiamondsDiamond industry analyst Chaim Even-Zohar estimated that recycled diamonds sold back to the jewellery sector came to about $1 billion in 2011, which represented 4.4% of all polished diamonds sold at wholesale prices.

‘We afford buyers a large-scale platform featuring a broad assortment of diamonds, and we consolidate large quantities of goods and allow buyers to bid solely on what they want to purchase,’ said White Pine CEO Benjamin Burne. ‘Sellers will have the opportunity to leverage the depath of experience, we offer and advice and sorting services designed to help maximise value. Additionally, we will actively work to qualify buyers that will pay sellers competitive industry prices.”

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