Jewels of Faith on Display at Diamond Museum

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum (HODM), located in the diamond exchange district of Ramat Gan in Israel, has turned to ‘jewels of faith’ for its latest exhibition, Chains of Silver, which opened this week. The exhibition contains more than 70 silver Judaica pieces created by Israeli artists Samuel Mauriciu and Itzhak Luvaton.

Among the items on display are traditional designs such as ritual wine cups, spice boxes and Hanukkah lamps. The religious themes of the exhibition are less immediately obvious in other pieces, such as ferris wheels.

Luvaton Samuel Collection Ferris Wheel

However, as this video illustrates, these supposedly secular objects contain hidden ritual objects within them.

Previous exhibitions at the HODM have included collections of jewellery discovered at archeological sites throughout Israel, covering the period from the patriarchs to the Ottomans; 140 works by gemstone carvers in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, including gemstones fashioned to resemble animals and flowers; and an exhibit of the jewelled accessories of the Maharajas of Jaipur, India. President of the Israel Diamond Exchange Yair Sahar commented that unlike these earlier exhibitions which were devoted to diamonds and jewels that adorn the body, Chains of Silver deals with the glorifying of the soul.

You can see more of Samuel Mauriciu and Itzhak Luvaton’s amazingly detailed silverwork here.