ICA Headquarters Relocate to Hong Kong

The International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA) has relocated its international headquarters to Hong Kong. Previously they were in New York. The new ICA headquarters are located in the heart of Hong Kong’s gem and jewellery manufacturing district, and is staffed by both English and Chinese speaking employees under the leadership of Daniel Leung.

ICA has been clear that their decision to relocate reflects their increasing Asian membership, and a desire to participate in and connect rapidly expanding Asian markets. Wilson Yuen, the ICAs president, stated that, “We felt that we could not ignore the trends that are sweeping our industry, and the global economy in general.

“Asia in general, and China in particular, is claiming a larger role in international business, and it is imperative that we are based in the heart of the region to enable us to provide a comprehensive service to our membership and to the industry.”

The new Hong Kong offices were opened at a special inaugeration ceremony attended by the board of directors of the ICA. The organisation will maintain a presence in New York at a new location.