Christchurch Woman Shoots Unwanted Wedding Ring into Space

Christchurch woman Rebecca Gibbs found an interesting way to signal that her marriage was definitely over – she shot her wedding ring into space. Her now-partner’s brother is a rocket scientist, and is credited with coming up with the idea.

Says Gibbs: “I had so much stuff left from our life and wedding I had to get rid of, so Mum and friends helped, and I gave away my wedding dress, but I was left with this ring and I didn’t really know what to do with it.”

With the help of a couple of people close to her and her dog Xabu, Gibbs finally shot the ring into space from a concrete pad at Birdlings Flat on the Banks Peninsula.

While it’s hard to know how far up the ring actually got, a second blast sighted in the sky after the rocket was launched would suggest it at least had enough prepulsion to get through the Earth’s atmosphere.

“It was uplifting, liberating, and it was really supposed to be a positive step, which it was. It was also a lot of fun blasting a rocket into the sky,” she said.

Fun it might have been, but here at JVC Valuers we suggest that she should have bought it into us for valuation and then sold it instead!