Can the size of your engagement ring be the key to a long marriage?

A study has been released by Emory University in Atlanta that examines the link between wedding spending and divorce rates. The study collected data from over 3000 US citizens and found that what you spend on your engagement ring can have a noticeable impact on your likelihood of divorce.

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Before World War I only 10% of engagement rings contained diamonds. Hefty marketing by the wedding and jewellery industries had that number up to 80% in the year 2000. But the researchers at Emory university wanted to understand whether all this increased spending and planning could really help you go the distance with your loved one.

The short answer? No. Just the opposite, in fact.

The study found that those who spent between $500 and $2000 (US) on an engagement ring were significantly more likely to have an enduring marriage ($1000 seemed to be about the sweet spot). Whereas those who spent $0- $500 and between $2000 and $4000 were more likely to be divorced. Luckily, those with expensive taste need not be too concerned, as once engagement ring expenditure exceeded $8000 divorce rates begin to drop again.

To summarise; don’t spend too much on an engagement ring, unless you want to spend a lot. And while less is good, don’t spend too little or nothing at all. Got it?

The statistics can be pretty daunting, but one clear thing to come from the study was that taking some kind of honeymoon, regardless of when, how long or how much it cost, will give you a great shot at a lasting marriage. So rather than opting for the bigger diamond, take a trip to your favourite destination together instead.

How much do you think is the right amount to spend on an engagement ring?