Friday Links

A round up of what’s been happening in jewellery news this week:

1. Lotus Gemology’s write up on how oil filled rubies, sapphires and spinels are a threat to the industry.

2. A discussion surrounding whether or not mineable gold will run out in the next 20 years.

3.  An estimated £200m stolen from safety deposit boxes in London, likely uninsured; “If you can’t afford your jewellery insurance you put it in a safety deposit box which is going to cost you between £300 to £400 a year and you know it is the most secure place you can put it as your insurance company would be very happy with you putting it there.”

4. An upcoming conference to address the prevalence of synthetic diamonds and how their undisclosed inclusion in parcels of natural mined diamonds over the past two years has set off alarms across the diamond industry.”

5. Finally, a slideshow of some Victorian rings.