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Valuation Enquiry

Having your Jewellery valued by JVC Valuers is easy and convenient. If you would like to talk directly to a Valuer now, phone us now on  0800 43 68 25.Alternatively, if you would like a JVC Valuers team member to contact you, please enter your details and enquiry below. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

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Courier Service

If it is not convenient for you to visit one of our three nationwide offices then the best way to get your jewellery to us is by using our Insured Courier service. This enables you to quickly and securely get your jewellery valued wherever you are in New Zealand.

1.Phone JVC Valuers on 0800 43 68 25 and ask about the courier service. Please note that the courier service costs $25 over our normal fees.

2. We will send you a courier pack, packaging and instructions.

3. Read and sign the Drop-Off form.

4. Package the Jewellery and send it. We have Insurance cover for up to $50,000 per sending if you are not covered.

5. Your Jewellery and the valuation papers will be returned to you within a week.