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Professional jewellery valuations for over 20 years.

Michael valuing jewellery

For more than two decades, JVC owner Michael Emerson has been the go-to valuer for in-depth knowledge of fine jewellery and gemstones. He provides accurate, independent and honest advice on high-value jewellery.

Michael has a passion for gems and jewellery. He travels regularly to keep himself up to date with the latest in gem identification, grading methods and valuation skills.

JVC is a family business, offering a full range of jewellery, gem and watch valuations. Our customers put their trust in us to provide accurate, informed and timely reports.


Our specialist knowledge of jewellery insurance means we can help you insure your jewellery in the way you expect.

The only way you can be confident you are insured for the right amount is with a professional replacement cost valuation that has complete item specifications and well-researched, up-to-date values.

In 2019, New Zealanders were under-insured on their home contents claims by over $12 million. Our mission is to help our customers avoid being part of these statistics. We provide expert reports and advice that both you and your insurer can trust. 


Our detailed valuation reports ensure you’re provided with all you need to know about the value of your precious items.

Each piece is first cleaned and photographed. Your jewellery is then safely tested and graded, and full specifications are recorded. We take great care when you trust us to value your jewellery or watches. All work is done on our premises.

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