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Jewellery Buying and Selling

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If you’re buying or selling high-value jewellery, you may want to consider an independent assessment, free of personal or commercial motivations. 

Our assessments offer verification of quality and current market values. Our valuers can provide you with an honest, independent appraisal that both buyers and sellers can rely on.

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Our Expertise

There is no substitute for experience and specialisation when you’re looking for advice on buying and selling jewellery.

For more than 20 years, traders and buyers have trusted JVC to provide accurate, informed and timely reports. Our valuers use the latest in identification and grading methods to create a unique description of the jewellery items. Using our knowledge of the New Zealand jewellery markets, we provide evidence-based retail comparisons and market values.

If you have items to sell or a special piece you’re looking to buy, our assessments can help you make informed decisions.

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