Friday Links

1. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has been stumped by a new way of treating diamonds to appear up to three grades above their true colour grade. Some 500 stones have had to be recalled for re-grading after one diamond owner noticed their stone had dropped in colour since the original grading. The GIA is still unaware of what treatment the stones underwent.

2. A rare insight in to an FBI bust on a jeweller who committed insurance fraud by faking an armed robbery. It took ten years to bring charges against the jeweller, who made the fatal mistake of asking friends to sell off some of the high value stones he had reported stolen.

3. For watch enthusiasts; an interesting write up on the latest Panerai models.

4. Bringing in over $160m USD, Sotheby’s have managed to achieve the highest ever total for a jewellery auction. Feel free to gawk at the priciest pieces here.

5. Five tips on how to organise your jewellery. Always a good idea to take photos of the jewellery as you go, these can be a big help if you ever need to make an insurance claim.