Valuation process

Insurance policy limits commonly apply per item and per loss, so The Jewellery Valuation Centre strongly recommend you get any jewellery you care about and would specifically want replaced valued. We offer cost effective insurance valuations, and if you visit our offices we are happy to provide you with a free quote.

You can also make a booking in advance, which is necessary if you would like to utilise our same day valuation service. If there is no The Jewellery Valuation Centre office near you, we can arrange to have your jewellery safely delivered to us via Courier Post.

Once The Jewellery Valuation Centre receives your jewellery we will provide you with a clear pricing quote and collection time. Each item of your jewellery will be carefully cleaned, photographed and weighed. Our valuer will then identify all of the metals and stones in your item, before measuring, weighing and quality grading them.

The final valuation you will receive is a complete record of your jewellery, with all of the information you need to gain full insurance cover. The Jewellery Valuation Centre will provide you with two copies of this report – one for you, and one for your insurance company or broker.

Finally, once you have received your The Jewellery Valuation Centre valuation you need to ensure your items are listed on your insurance policy, regardless of their value. Phone your insurance company or broker directly, and fax or post them the insurers copy of your The Jewellery Valuation Centre report.